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We understand aviation demands as we have extensive experience in servicing and supporting airlines, MROs and OEMs. Our customers enjoy our extensive global network and sourcing capabilities. Our current client base stretches from North America to Asia.

Let us be your sourcing partner and we’ll show you how best to save cost and improve on your bottom-line.

The AOG-247 team would like to welcome a “no cost” discussion about your key challenges, onsite with your management team. No obligation, no cost – other than your team’s time – its that simple. We need only a short time to demonstrate our capabilities and services, and be able to discuss potential opportunities where AOG-247 can add measurable, tangible value to your operations.

AOG-247 work with you 24-7. We don’t have pre-constructed or “off-the shelf” business models. We will root cause analyse your issues and suggest best fit solutions that we tailor to each individual company we work with. Our focus is on ensuring our clients realize improved business performance, increased revenue, and greater efficiency.


  • Track record of more than 20 aviation asset transactions (including leasing and part-outs)
  • Ten years of successfully developing MRO businesses.
  • Significant experience of acquiring assets for lease, exchange, flipping. Experienced knowledge in narrow-bodied aircraft types,including specific product knowledge of landing gear, engines, APU, Flight Control, Wheels and Brakes.
  • Vast market experience, concluding business in all continents, with strong relationships and contacts in airlines, leasing companies, maintenance organisations, brokers and banks.

HEAD OF SALESAgnieszka Wolik

  • Track record of more than 10 years in aviation brokering, covering engine, Airframe and component sales. Experience being gained with AJW, Aerfin and Magnetic MRO.
  • Over ten years of commercial/business development experience in various customer facing roles.
  • Significant experience of delivering the most cost effective solutions to operators including maintenance, lease and asset trading covering various platforms including Trent, RB211, V500, CFM56/3/5B/7, CF34, PW2037, PW4000, CF80C2 and various narrow and wide bodied aircraft types.


  • Over 5 years of Sales and Marketing experience targeting brand awareness and increasing / developing market exposure.
  • Solid background in building client relationships at various levels within an organisation.
  • Graduated from the University of Plymouth with a Bachelor of Science in Events Management.


  • Experienced MRO Repairs Executive, having worked with multiple OEM shops and facilities.
  • Strong repair network developed specifically for the Trent/RB211 engine types.
  • Managing over 100 units across 20 different repair facilities at any point.
  • 3 years studying law in Université Paris 1: Panthéon-Sorbonne with a background in Law  & Service.

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