Thursday 2 September, 2021


AOG-247 is pleased to launch LLP CYCLE EXCHANGE.

Starting from today we are offering our customers the option to exchange any LLP with the same or alternative part number that we have in stock at AOG-247.

We observe that during most shop visits, LLPs with less than 2,000 cycles are mostly scrapped as a higher build standard is required. AOG-247 recognises these cycles as wasted, and the airline/owner of the asset does not generate any value from these LLPS.

With the LLP CYCLE EXCHANGE program that we are launching today, we will exchange any LLP with upto 2,000 cycles remaining, and use the value of your cycles towards the purchase of a higher cycle unit that AOG-247 has in stock.

We will endeavour to find a home for the removed LLP by donating it to our network of artists, raw material extractors and education. Everyone’s a winner, and it ensures the asset owner is extracting the last drop of revenue out of their asset.

Please contact for further information on the LLP CYCLE EXCHANGE program.