Engine Support Services

AOG-247 currently provides a variety of technical support solutions and services the lessor, airlines and asset owners engines. Our core strength is leveraging gains through our engine technical support offering. Through our network of partners and continued investments we acquire engine assets to support any lease, purchase, exchange, or AOG need. AOG-247 has a long history working with engines, including an experienced team that has worked alongside multiple Airlines, Lessors, MROs, and OEM companies.  Our team is creative, flexible, and of course great specialists at what we do.

We support a variety of engine types including but not limited to CFM56-3, CFM56-5A/5B/5C, CFM56-7, CF34-3, CF34-8, CF6-80, V2500, PW4000 and RB211.

AOG-247 Engine Support Services includes:

  • Engine Fleet Management
  • Engine Repair Management including :
    • Preparation of initial Work Scope based on engine condition, future utilization of specific Engine Serial Number in Customer fleet and lease return conditions.
    • Managing tenders and proposals from engine repair shops, and preparing final agreements. Benchmarking if proposals are competitive compared to current market conditions, always ensuring the most cost effective solution.
    • Preparation of all documentation required pre Shop Visit
    • Generation of initial list of material that will have to be replaced and pre-allocation sourcing from the market / AOG-247 stock.
    • Supervision of engine transportation to the shop and engine receipt.
    • Preparation of final Work Scope together with the shop and initial Table Inspection.
    • Review of part repair process, advising with the shop which part should be considered as Beyond Economical Repair, and includes follow up on material scrap reports.
    • Sourcing and provisioning of scrap replacement material from the market or AOG-247 stock to reduce the Shop Visit cost.
    • Analysis of engine shop visit report and review of final repair invoice
  • Pre-Purchase Asset Inspections, Records Reviews, Appraisals
  • On-Wing and BSI support services
  • Warranty Management
  • Spare Engine Solutions

Our Engine Support Services are best suited for airlines searching for a solution that provides a cost effective and predictable technical solution for their engine fleet. AOG-247 adds value by removing “fire fighting” planning of engine maintenance events, by providing accurate and efficient workscoping, managing shop visits, and offering a solution for material provisioning. Our service offering is available to the following :

  • Start-up airlines with a limited technical department with limited experience in engine maintenance.
  • An airline with limited internal technical expertise to support expanding and new variant aircraft types and those looking to change current internal systems and existing suppliers and look for alternative, more efficient solutions for it’s engine fleet
  • Airlines approaching the end of their OEM engine total care contract looking for alternative solutions to cover the end of life support.
  • Asset owners and leasing companies looking for mid to end of life solutions.