Material Provisioning and Logistics

Material Repair Management

  • AOG-247 vendor repair management services are utilised on AOG-247 owned assets. Vendor repair managers communicate frequently with the material sales team to ensure priority components are dispositioned accordingly in a cost/time effective manner.
  • AOG-247 repair engineers have extensive MRO experience, allowing for effective AD, SB and P/N upgradeability control allowing for accurate cost modelling and marketability
  • AOG-247 have established solid relationships with many MRO’s through experience on owned assets, with the likes of MTU, LHT, SRT, IBERIA etc.
  • Brokered Repair Management services – Caters for lack of in-house expertise or frees up internal resources if present. Operating on a ‘nothing to lose’ philosophy, all stages of component repair are managed with minimal, in any, input required from customer.
  • AOG-247’s diverse portfolio of Approved Vendors are tailored for EASA, FAA and CAAC requirements and provide customers with a single source for all repair needs.

Material Sales

  • AOG-247 prides itself on the high standard of all certification and trace paperwork, managed in accordance with stringent internal quality procedures.
  • A significant number of engine and piece part consignment projects have been undertaken on behalf of our customers, with material being sold through our extensive network of sales outlets built up over years of trading.
  • All material is certified with FAA/EASA/CAAC certification as required by the customer.
  • All material is sold in serviceable/overhauled condition to our customers utilising AOG-247’s comprehensive fleet management, MRO’s, Airlines and independent suppliers.
  • Due to visibility of Shop Visit material requirements for AOG-247 Fleet Management customers, AOG-247 actively pursues the market for all opportunities of Asset purchase to support future SV’s through material supply.


  • The Frankfurt, Heathrow and Miami (B&H supported) warehouses are the latest facilities to open and will play a major part in supporting the delivery of innovative fleet management solutions, quality overhauled material supply and engine stand provision all aimed at driving down the cost of ownership for the growing AOG-247 client base.
  • By having a larger footprint, this gets AOG-247 one step closer to our vision of providing engine management while continuing our mission of providing platform solutions to global aircraft engine partners underpinned by organisational excellence.