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We are a Global Supplier of Engine Components and technical support services.

Engine Support Services

Engine Support Services

AOG-247 currently provides a variety of technical support solutions and services the…
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Material Provisioning and Logistics

Material Provisioning and Logistics

AOG-247 vendor repair management services are utilised on AOG-247 owned assets. Vendor…
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Inventory Purchase and Consignment

The AOG-247 team are actively sourcing and reviewing all current and projected…
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Inventory Purchase and Consignment

Document Recovery and BTB Review

AOG-247 specialises in the recovery of missing documents and BTB trace. Once…
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Document Recovery and BTB Review

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ABOUT US We Understand
Aviation Demands

We understand aviation demands as we have extensive experience in servicing and supporting airlines, MROs and OEMs. Our customers enjoy our extensive global network and sourcing capabilities. Our current client base stretches from North America to Asia.

Let us be your sourcing partner and we’ll show you how best to save cost and improve on your bottom-line.

The AOG-247 team would like to welcome a “no cost” discussion about your key challenges, onsite with your management team. No obligation, no cost – other than your team’s time – its that simple.

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Let us be your sourcing partner and we’ll show you how best to save cost and improve on your bottom-line.

Quality Policy

It is AOG-247 Limited aim to enable its Customers to meet their own business objectives using products and services Procured by AOG-247 from approved sources. The satisfaction of Customers, Suppliers and staff is of the utmost importance and will be realised by employing systems that deliver best practice in the key business processes. The effectiveness of these systems will be measured using quantitative measures of performance including Customer satisfaction, using measuring systems set and reviewed in a formal management review of quality system. These systems will be maintained in a quality system managed in accordance with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and AS/EN9120.

AOG-247 Limited is committed to the development and continual improvement of the group’s quality management system. We are committed to fostering close relationships with customers and partners. We strive to meet the expectations of other interested parties which includes affording access by customer and/or regulatory authorities’ representatives to our quality management system and records. The organization remains responsible for quality of all products purchased from suppliers and sub-contractors, including customer designated sources. The company takes full responsibility for the product supplied and does not use any verification activities carried out by its customers as a means for quality control of product supplied.

Mr. David Bradley
Managing Director for AOG-247 Limited

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